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What Is Saving Katie About?

Shortly after the birth of their first daughter Katie, Steve, and Stacy Trebing encountered every parent’s worst nightmare: the discovery That their child had a devastating disease. Diagnosed with Diamond Blackfan Anemia (DBA), a rare bone marrow affliction, Katie would have to bear a lifetime of monthly Transfusions and daily injections unless she underwent a risky bone marrow transplant from a genetic match.

But even if the Trebing’s were willing to take this risk how would they ever find the right donor? The only option seemed to be to have another child, one genetically chosen to be the perfect match.

Steve Trebing’s emotional – and ultimately uplifting – memoir describes what it was like to care for Katie and to ultimately reach a decision to have another child a savior sibling for their precious daughter. 


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“You’ll find yourself holding your breath as you read Steve Trebing’s riveting memoir, sharing the agony of suspense with him as you wait to see whether Katies bone marrow transplant is successful. Many Memoirs of family challenges are written by the mother – what’s so special about this one is its written by Dad. Trebing is a creative writer by nature, and the moments nr reimagines in the Trebing Family journey read like a novel. You will rejoice along the way and revel the happy ending.”

“An emotional and inspiring story showing how one amazing family explored all medical options to save their daughter’s life. The trebing handled the situation with grace under trying conditions. Bring your tissue box.”

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